Having an issue with your story? No problem. Interactive storytelling is difficult! Below is a list of Common Problems, and if you're still stuck, see our Get Help section.

Common Problems

My story is stuck and will not move on?

There are a few reasons why a story might get stuck. Listed below are some of the most common reasons:

  • No wildcard. If there is no wildcard at an interaction point and the player keeps responding with something that is not matched to a player node either directly connected or in a subplot, they will get stuck. Solution: Add a wildcard to the interaction point. Also consider adding more player nodes to cover more response options.
  • The following node uses a memory that is not saved. If all the nodes following the story stop are referencing a memory or category that has not been saved, Charisma will have nowhere to go. Solution: Check that there are no typos in the tag, that the memory has been correctly saved, and add a non-memory reliant route.
  • The following node is gated and the conditions are not met. If the route is blocked off by a gate and the conditions have not been met, Charisma will have nowhere to send the player. Solution: Check that the conditions are able to be met, and add a non-gated route.
  • Tap to continue is enabled at an interaction point. When Tap to continue is enabled, there is no text box for the player to respond, so if there are player nodes following a Tap to continue node, the story will stop. Solution: Remove Tap to continue from the node, or remove the player nodes and the interaction point.

I can't log in to Charisma

Facebook login support has been withdrawn, but you should be able to trigger a reset password request on the login page using the same email address you use for logging into Facebook. Make sure you are using the right login method (email or Apple) or create a new account if you are yet to do so. If you're still having trouble, get in touch at

My impact isn't showing in preview

If an impact is not appearing as you would expect, there are a few things you should check:

  • Are you in a subplot? An impact needs to know which scene it’s in, and as subplots can be entered from many scenes, you'll need to play from a main scene of a story in order for the impact to show.
  • Have you added a text description for your impact? You will need to write and save text in order for the impact to show.

I can't delete nodes/connectors by pressing backspace

If you are using Firefox, you may experience an issue where pressing backspace instead goes back to the previous page. A current workaround is to press Shift + Backspace instead.

Get Help

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