Charisma makes it easy to improve your story by providing live analytics on how players are playing them.

After you've published a story, click on the published version in the story version selector at the top of the sidebar that you'd like to view analytics for.

Story overview analytics

On the Story Overview page, you can see some top-level analytics about this version, including:

  • Playthrough starts: A playthrough start is defined as creating a playthrough token for that specific story version (including forked playthroughs).
  • Playthrough finishes: A playthrough finish is defined as how many of those playthroughs have emitted at least one Character node with "End Story" toggled to true.
  • Average playthrough time: The average time between a player connecting to Charisma and disconnecting from Charisma for playthroughs in this story version.
  • Average player message count: The average number of player messages players have sent to Charisma whilst interacting with this story version.

The top-level analytics available on a story version

Graph analytics

Connecter playthrough count

On each node connector is a number of how many players have been through the connector. (The connector can also be hovered over to see this pop up in a tooltip.)

This can be a good way to quickly evaluate which pathways are giving the most value, and which pathways are hardly every used.

A few nodes connected together, with a tooltip displaying the number of playthroughs on a particular connector

Character node response analytics

On each character node, you can see what players are saying next, or what they said that lead them to this node.

This can be helpful for identifying common player responses that aren't currently covered by a Character node, such as those that are currently going down a wildcard route, or those completely unmatched.

Node analytics on a Character node, showing a few examples of what players said after this node


Transcripts are full logs of how players are playing through your story. It includes all the events that they might send, including start, reply and action events.

By default, only player and character messages are shown, but you can toggle the checkbox at the top of the transcript to show all events.

Reading the transcripts is a great place to start to evaluate how successful your story is in general and how players are responding in the context of the full playthrough.

You can directly head to a Character node by pressing the "Go to node" locator button next to the character line.

You can also share a permalink to the transcript with your story collaborators using the link at the top of the transcript.

Transcripts feature showing a number of message bubbles for all the events that happened in a playthrough

Memory analytics

In published versions, the Memories page additionally shows stats about how memories are being set.

  • Decision and Counter memories show which decision or counter value was the most popular, with counts and percentages of how many playthroughs had each potential decision or counter value saved.
  • Category and Player Message memories show a random sample of save values for the memory, so you can get a better feel for what's being saved.