SDK Intro

SDK Docs

The Charisma SDKs help you quickly get started playing a Charisma story in an external client (such as a web browser, game engine or robot)!

Plug ‘n’ Play SDKs for Unity and Unreal Engine

Our Plug 'n' Play SDKs make it easier than ever to connect your Charisma story to Unity or Unreal! With our sample project, you can get your Charisma-powered experience up-and-running in engine with only basic Unreal or Unity knowledge. Check out our Plug 'n' Play docs:

For more experienced developers, the SDKs can be accessed on GitHub via these links:

Other SDKs

Charisma also has SDKs for the following languages/targets:

To get started, head to the GitHub repository and follow the getting started instructions within the readme!


Reach out to or the Discord server (opens in a new tab) and we'll be happy to give you a hand!