Content Guidelines

Content guidelines

Our values

Charisma is a collaborative space where people can create, share and experience interactive stories. We ask everyone to respect Our Values:

  • Original Stories. Charisma is about originality and new forms of storytelling. Inspiration is everywhere. Originality deserves respect.
  • Privacy Matters. Charisma is about imagination and created worlds and characters. No one should appear in a story without their consent. Privacy deserves respect.
  • Respect for All. Charisma is about being inclusive and open to all voices. No person or community should be disparaged in a story. Everyone deserves respect.
  • Advert Lite. Charisma is about powering new stories for the sheer joy of storytelling. Advertising can help fund stories but must be agreed with us and clearly signposted.

Content guidelines

Whatever type of story you want to tell, Charisma will help you get there. However, the following is not allowed in any content you upload and will be removed from the Platform.

Infringing content

Any copyright work that is not yours. If you have any doubts whether content is 100% yours, please do not use it on our Platform. Always ask yourself “Is this my story to tell?”

Intrusive content

Any personal information about someone else and especially not anything your friends, family, colleagues or acquaintances wouldn’t want to see online.

Any likeness, representation, image or impersonation of someone else who has not given you their express written permission.

Demeaning content

Anything that condemns, insults or humiliates any other person, entity or brand.

Sexual content

  • Pornographic Content. Anything that exists purely for the objective of sexual stimulation.
  • Sexual violence. Anything that glorifies, promotes or encourages non-consensual sexual acts.
  • Illegal sex acts. Anything that depicts or suggests sex acts that are illegal.

Violent content

  • Promoting Violence. Anything that promotes or glorifies violence.
  • Self-harm. Anything that promotes or glorifies self-harm or suicide.
  • Weapons. Anything that excessively promotes the use of weapons, guns, knives or explosives.

Commercial content

Any reference to any third party brand names or trademarks (registered or unregistered) or companies (currently in existence or which existed in the past 50 years).

Hateful content

Anything that actively promotes hatred on the basis of gender, gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, race, nationality, religion, disability or age. Anything that is intended to bully, harass or insult another person.

Extremist content

Anything that glorifies, praises or romanticizes any extremist views or behaviours which involve the harm or vilification of any person or group.