Licencing Information

What is a Charisma licence and why do I need one?

Charisma licences are required by people who want to create interactive stories that live outside of our Charisma mobile app. For example if you want your story to appear on a website or would like to use Charisma to power the dialogue and action in your Unity or Unreal Engine game, you would need a Charisma licence to do this. If this sounds like something you would like to do please get in touch!

What are usage bundles?

Usage bundles are blocks of events. The number of events in each bundle depends on the bundle chosen. Usage bundles are pre-purchased and the events in those bundles are deducted as they are triggered by Charisma in a playthrough. For example, an event would be triggered when a character says something, a player responds, a player taps to continue or when they resume a playthrough.

Why do we charge for usage?

We've tried to keep costs as low as possible to make Charisma accessible to as many people as possible. That said, as all our infrastructure is hosted in the cloud, the more stories Charisma powers, and the more people who play those stories, the higher our hosting costs become.

Do I get any free events to help me determine if Charisma is the right platform for my project?

YES! You get 20,000 free events to use over a 2 month free trial period.

Once the two months have expired or you have used up your free usage, you'll need to purchase an event bundle to continue using the playthrough features.

Where can I see my event usage and licence details?

On your account page there is a licence section which displays the usage you have remaining on your event bundle(s).

The billing tab in the licence section is where you can purchase event bundles too.

Where do I view invoices?

Your invoices can be accessed via the billing dashboard button at the bottom of the billing tab. You will also receive a receipt for your purchase via email.

What event bundles does Charisma offer?

We currently offer 3 bundles to suit small to larger scale projects. The larger the bundle purchased, the smaller the cost per event. All bundles are a one-off purchase and expire 12 months after the purchase date.

If you are looking for a larger bundle of events or require a fixed cost for your project please contact us at with more information about your project and we'll arrange a follow up chat.

What are the costs?

The current pricing for blocks of events is:

  • US$63 - 20,000 events
  • US$210 - 80,000 events
  • US$350 - 160,000 events

Please note that our pricing changes from time to time so please refer back to this page for the latest pricing.