Storytelling powered by artificial intelligence

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Creating the Next Generation of Interactive Stories

A character conversing with a player via keyboard input is a storytelling platform that brings characters at the heart of stories to life, focusing on:

  • Conversation - you can talk to them, and they talk back
  • Context - they remember what you’ve said
  • Character - they react to you, improvising according to the storyline, making each player experience unique

With, you can make a real impact on your audience, on any platform, whether it’s mobile, online or VR.

How it Works combines storytelling with technology and game design techniques, creating a new way for audiences to interact with characters and their tales. By fusing a creative writing system with an advanced chat engine, helps writers and game designers create new stories quickly and easily.

A cartoon version of our story graph tech to create stories

The Power of Good Characters

A character being fed with information from other sources such as APIs

Strong characters are at the heart of Not only can characters speak to each other, they also involve your players, reacting to conversations with meaningful changes in the storyline. lets you create interactive characters that are believable, memorable and inspire audiences to come back again and again.

Built on Years of Interactive Storytelling Experience

Our team’s experience working on international TV brands like Sherlock, Downton Abbey and Home & Away has all been used in building, making it a seamless way to create engaging experiences for audiences. And to top it all, our real-time analytics of published stories helps you fine-tune your stories dynamically, improving the experience in ways previously unimaginable. being used on many different platforms and devices