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Build Conversational Characters powered by AI

For Games Metaverses VR Education TV & Film Publishing and beyond!

Charisma is an easy-to-use platform to create believable and lifelike characters.

Trusted by major media brands, Charisma provides controllable conversations to increase audience interactions.

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Power truly intelligent NPCs in metaverses, games and VR

Immersive worlds deserve immersive characters.

Charisma’s conversation engine is powered by advanced machine learning. Our platform makes it easy to increase the quality and depth of your virtual experiences and virtual beings.

Connect your Charisma project easily to Unreal Engine, Unity, mobile and metaverses. And real-time analytics enable immediate feedback and dynamic storytelling.

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Use interactive storytelling to immerse audiences

Charisma can power experiences from entertainment to education to training.

Whether it’s Shakespeare for teenagers, training for employees, or complex simulations, Charisma powers multi-character scenarios using its AI and natural language processing.

In virtual learning, bring historical or fictional characters to life in conversation with your students. And make complex stories or lessons more compelling and memorable.

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Find out more about how Charisma can be used in our showcase

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What is Charisma?

Charisma powers digital humans that understand you.

Unlike chatbot platforms, Charisma uses the language of storytelling, with built-in features like emotion, memory, scenes and subplots to bring your projects to life.

Charisma enables you to create magical experiences with our unique combination of creative storytelling techniques and advanced artificial intelligence, all in one simple platform.

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Bulletproof is a show that has always broken new ground. This experience built on Charisma utilises cutting edge AI and means that fans can get into its world like never seen before. It’s a tremendously exciting new universe.

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Using Charisma for Bulletproof Interactive


Let your characterʼs personalities shine through and have their feelings influence their reactions. Play with love, hate, and everything between to make key moments memorable and replayable.


Characters can remember decisions, information about the player, and even playerʼs sentences to quote back later in the story. Like emotions, memories can change how the story plays out, making experiences feel alive and influenceable.


Charisma supports a wide range of state-of-the-art voices for characters with out-the-box support for lifelike performance. Characters arenʼt the only ones with a voice either. Your audiences can speak to Charisma characters too using speech recognition.

Natural Language

If you can write English, then you can write into Charisma. Thereʼs no special syntax to learn. Instead, Charisma uses the latest machine learning tech to make authoring stories fast and simple.


Whether youʼre writing a dramatic soliloquy with a single character or you have a large cast of characters, Charisma supports contextual interaction with each other to perform engaging drama.


Charisma tracks conversations in real-time and has analytics dead-centre in the story editor, so you can write more of the storylines that players are enjoying, and fine-tune the ones that arenʼt, keeping your audiences interested and happy.

Charisma’s simple node-based interface makes it easy to create an interactive experience. The results can be incredibly powerful and rewarding for both the user and the creator.

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Using Charisma to make new interactive experiences

Ready to use in your projects

With integrations into Unreal Engine, Unity, JavaScript, React, React Native (for iOS and Android) and Python, having interactive characters is a step away.

Our Plug 'n' Play SDKs for Unity and Unreal make it easier than ever to connect your Charisma stories to your game engine projects!

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Create interactive stories for games engines, web, VR and more with a Charisma Pro licence. Try it free today, or get in touch to discuss your project!