Storytelling powered by artificial intelligence

Characters with Charisma powers a new way of telling stories, by giving audiences the ability to talk to characters, build relationships with them, and have the story itself adapt and react to how audiences play through it.

This deepens engagement for audiences and lets them influence the story.

Powering new forms of stories brings a new dimension of storytelling: replayable, interactive conversations with crafted characters.

An example of using, showing how chat is used to guide the story.An example of using, showing how memories can be used in replies.An example of using, showing its use in a 3D game engine.

Why Charisma?

A feature of the story editor, showing how conversations can be built as graphs.

Hyper-advanced story editor is the fastest way to write interactive characters. The story editor gives you complete creative control over how your characters should react.

A demonstration of the lifelike messages that the chat engine creates.

Chat engine's futuristic chat engine is built to be the most lifelike conversation AI, with features like interruptions, realistic pauses and character memory out of the box.

An example of a complete experience.

Decades of experience

It's always good to have a helping hand. We can offer dedicated support in all aspects of your project, from writing to game development to project management.

What's different about Charisma?

To create lifelike characters, chat technology needs a new approach. provides this in unparalleled ways.


Let your character's personalities shine through and have their current emotions influence their reactions. Play with love, hate, and everything between to make key moments memorable and replayable.


Characters can remember decisions, information about the player, and even player%apos;s sentences to quote back later in the story. Like emotions, memories can change how the story plays out, making experiences feel alive and influencable.

Voice supports a wide range of state-of-the-art voices for characters with out-the-box support for lifelike performance. Characters aren't the only ones with a voice either. Your players can speak to characters too using speech recognition.

Natural Language

If you can write English, then you can write into There's no special syntax to learn. Instead, uses the latest machine learning tech to make authoring stories fast and simple.

Unlimited Characters

Whether you're writing a dramatic soliloquy with a single character or you have a large cast of characters, supports contextual interaction with each other to perform engaging drama.

Real-time Analytics tracks conversations in real-time and has analytics dead-centre in the story editor, so you can write more of the storylines that players are enjoying, and fine-tune the ones that aren't, keeping your audiences interested and happy.

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