This feature is available only to Starter stories.

Impacts are pop-ups shown to your player within a story.

They can be used for anything from congratulating a player on achieving something, to letting a player know they went down a certain path, or for encouraging them to share a funny moment.

An impact is added to a specific node in the story, and are shown both at that moment, and as a summary at the end of an episode.

Shareable Impacts

If you choose for your impact to be shareable, Charisma will show the pop-up impact at the top of the screen and will then take the last 3 lines of dialogue and compile them onto an image for your player to share directly to social media. You can choose which image will accompany this.

The previous three lines will need to follow the format of Character node - Player Node - Character Node in order to be shareable.

These impacts are really useful for encouraging users to share fun interaction points and spread the word about your story.

To add an impact to your story:

  1. Click the star icon on the character node where you would like the impact to appear.
  2. Write your impact. Keep it short and simple.
  3. Decide if you would like the impact to be shareable or not by clicking the checkbox.
  4. Upload the background image you would like to use.
  5. Click save.

Impacts will show at the top of the screen and will cover part of the panel. We recommend that text bubbles are moved to the lower part of the screen on nodes with impacts so that the player can read both without one obscuring the other.