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NPC Conversations in the Metaverse 🚀

How in the humanverse do we build conversational characters for the metaverse? At Charisma we've been exploring these challenges deeply, and building technology to support AI characters in metaverses, games and beyond! 🚀

Populating the Metaverse

Space - the first frontier. For metaverses to succeed they need interesting people to meet, not just interesting places to visit.

Emotions evolved: Virtual characters with next-gen emotions engine

We’re excited to share how and why we’ve implemented a next-gen emotions engine to make your virtual characters even more effective and your worlds even more reactive!

Metahumans magic with Charisma

Connecting Metahumans with Charisma creates a new dimension for the Metaverse

The Collaborative AI Consortium

Announcing our involvement in a new consortium to increase the Creative Industries' influence on the future of artificial intelligence

AI as a muse for creative thinking

2021 will be the year where AI and Creativity meet. Here are four areas where this will change the nature of storytelling.

Charisma Writing Competition: A Curious Conversation

Right off the back of our very first Charisma writing competition we’re very excited to launch the second, this time with the prompt “A Curious Conversation”!

Alice in Wonderland secrets revealed in new handbook

Alice | A Virtual Theme Park was an immersive theatre adaptation that was performed online using Zoom. The goal was to bring audiences into the story of Alice in Wonderland through by weaving them into the visual and narrative experience using a crafted blend of advanced technology, live theatrical performance and interactive storytelling.

Announcing our Charisma Writers' Competition: Identity

Today we’re announcing our very first competition for writers. We’re looking for short interactive stories that are inspired by the theme of Identity. Whether it’s your first foray into interactive writing or you’re a seasoned pro, we want to hear your stories.

Choose your laughs: Where next for Netflix interactive?

I’m a Kimmy fan, and an interactive writer for, so, yeah, I was excited to see the Netflix interactive Kimmy episode. In a world where everything feels wildly out of our control, interactive entertainment is there to take the sting out, give us a few hours of autonomy, and administer some relief...

Sky's series Bulletproof goes interactive with Charisma

Interactive television has long been a holy grail for the entertainment industry: the ultimate joining of the games industry and television, of interactivity and storytelling, the removal of the fourth wall between viewers and the narratives we all love to follow...

Welcome to a New World of Storytelling with Charisma

A month ago, I was about to start packing a suitcase to go to SXSW in Texas. We had arranged a party to announce the launch of the new Charisma app. I had even bought a Sherlock Holmes steampunk outfit for the occasion...

How vertical bingeing is the next step for TV series

With a recent report highlighting “subscription fatigue” on streaming services, we see that the time has arrived for interactive drama to step in and allow audiences to maintain their engagement with a series rather than being pushed into a new one...

Bandersnatch & Charisma: The Immersion Factor

Bandersnatch is the story of a Stefan Butler, a games developer whose actions get overtaken by technology and other forces. Part of the Black Mirror series, it is the first interactive drama that Netflix has produced, and the first time the series creators have created an interactive project. With such a high profile partnership, it is worth delving in to what this project means for TV broadcasters, the games industry and interactive narratives...

How to create emotional chatbots with Charisma

In any good story, there is a journey. It is the challenges that the characters face and their emotional responses to that journey, that keep us on the edge of our seats, keen to find our what happens next...

Chatbots you actually want to talk to

The driving force of chatbots to date has been to provide information in a more personal way — providing quick access to questions as fast as possible. This has spawned the growth of chats systems like Alexa, Siri and Google Home where success is how fast an action be made to happen — “Alexa, turn on the lights” and so on. However these systems lack the personality that we are used to in the real world...

An Era of Character, Context and Conversation

Before television, before film, before books, stories were told by storytellers around campfires, in halls as theatre or simply as conversation between individuals. This ‘oral tradition’ had flexible stories that would be tailored to each audience, and perhaps even flexible enough to change based on interactions from heckling individual audience members...