Here's a summary of all the nodes available to use in Charisma. To access any of these nodes double-click on the story graph and select from the list.

Type of NodeDescription
CharacterCharacter nodes are where you write what your characters say. Hit Enter to create an alternative reply for when a player passes through this node for a second time. Hit Backspace when the node is empty to turn it into an Image Only node.
PlayerPlayer nodes are where you predict what your players will say and how they will respond to character questions.
Action (Pro stories only)Like a player node, except is triggered by a player doing something instead of saying something.
CommentA reference node used to annotate a graph. Useful when you are collaborating on a story with other writers or making notes on your project.
FunctionThis node can be used to perform an arbitrary JavaScript function, such as fetching data provided by an external API or data source and saving it to memory.
GateGates can be used to manage player pathways through the narrative. Conditions can be set on gates based on active feelings, moods, relationships, decisions, memories and counters. See Memories and Gates for more details.
GenerationThis node is a way to use a large language model like GPT to generate text for a character response.
Media (Pro stories only)This node can show images, videos and audio within message bubbles, as though it were sent by the character.
MemoryUse a memory node to remember a specific thing that the player has said or done. See Memories and Gates for more details.
PassthroughA passthrough node is a means of channeling connectors through a central point.
SubplotSubplot nodes are used to direct a player through a specific subplot. Connect the right hand side of the node to where you want the player to re-enter the main story.
WildcardThis node is like a Player node, listening for a player message, except it always matches anything a player says.
GroupCreate a group if you want to label a group of nodes together. Lock the group if you want to move all of those nodes across the graph together at one time.

To see these nodes in action on the graph check out the example graphs.