The exclusive interactive adaptation of John Wyndham’s much-loved sci-fi/horror novel, The Kraken Wakes is powered by Charisma’s conversation engine. You play as a journalist after a suspected alien attack, interviewing witnesses and negotiating with governments to uncover the truth. The gameplay revolves around conversation: answering the characters’ questions in natural language, rather than selecting from multiple choice options. The Kraken Wakes is a game where you shape the story as it unfolds, influencing characters’ actions, decisions and relationships.

With state-of-the-art voice-driven interaction and emotionally-equipped NPCs, The Kraken Wakes represents the future of interactive storytelling, all enabled by Charisma’s unique AI technology.

London games festival official selection award.

The Kraken Wakes ... as a proof of concept could prove revolutionary. - Chris Allnutt, The Financial Times 2023

The adventure uses revolutionary AI software to create dialogue that feels dynamic and natural. - Chris Allnutt, The Financial Times 2023

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