Groundbreaking immersive performance meets Charisma’s cutting-edge technology in Saint Jude, a physical production by award-winning entertainment company Swamp Motel. Charisma’s AI-powered conversation platform has enabled Swamp Motel’s writers to craft a truly innovative experience that is different for every participant.

Immersed in the story from the moment they arrive, audiences are enlisted as volunteers for Saint Jude, an organization that offers therapy for ‘Sleepers’ or people in comas. Saint Jude’s innovative technology can translate a Sleeper’s brain patterns into speech in a matter of seconds, allowing them to communicate directly from a coma. After an induction, audience members embark on an eerily captivating, personalized conversation with their assigned Sleeper, all powered by

A completely unique, delightfully creepy and utterly immersive hour of mystery and intrigue. - West End Best Friend

A fresh and innovative piece of immersive work, packed with atmosphere and big ideas. - The Stage

Delightfully disturbing. With a smart blend of slow-reveal storytelling and creative technology. - The Guardian

A way more engrossing piece of storytelling than near enough every other immersive show in town. - TimeOut

The future of theatre has arrived. - West End Best Friend

Man stands in the middle with Saint Jude written in the back
The office from the Saint Jude's experience.
Woman reading a ticket.
Man walking between office cubicles.