Charisma was commissioned to create an innovative VR training exercise for the WonderSeed Foundation, a US non-profit working to prevent youth drug use and recidivism by fostering emotional intelligence. With VR environments constructed by Reality Smash, Charisma developed four highly repeatable, interactive scenarios. Users talk, voice-to-voice, with Charisma-created avatars that simulate friendly or challenging job interviews, difficult conversations with co-workers, and interactions with angry customers.

Charisma’s unique combination of scripted and carefully deployed generative content powers an experience that is both controlled and highly dynamic. Generation nodes provide users with personalized, real-time feedback on their responses, while our story graph ensures they always progress through a core syllabus of interactive, scripted content. Transcripts and analytics give trainers full oversight of participant interactions. Charisma’s controllable, conversational AI enables users to practice difficult conversations again and again within a safe environment.


Replacing older, screen-based job interview simulations that required one operator per participant, this AI-powered VR training tool will enable WonderSeed to work with much larger numbers of at-risk youths. Participants can practice skills repeatedly, while trainers can use transcripts and analytics to target their one-to-one support in the most effective ways.

A woman standing behind a reception desk
Man standing in a room.
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Man standing in an office.