Using Epic MetaHumans, and with lipsync by JALI, Subway is a showcase of’s ability to power real time, high-quality, hyper-realistic avatars with animations, emotions and an interactive script.

The scenario – a magic trick on a subway train – can be connected up to different Charisma graphs simply by changing a number on the experience’s start screen. So the same visual assets can be repurposed for multiple scenarios simply by rewriting the script!

Charisma’s story engine can be plugged into a movie’s 3D environments and models to test the dialogue and choreography of film scenes before any actors are brought in. Our unique combination of technology makes it possible to visualize scenes quickly and easily prior to a full shoot.

Then if you add interactivity, the demo can be released as an immersive narrative directly to consumers!

Two people sitting on the subway looking at the camera.
Two people sitting on the subway, one of them showing a magic trick with their hand.