Commissioned by and developed with Sky, The Rope is an interactive TV drama where the audience play as a commercial diver working on a mysterious job deep in the North Sea. Audiences literally pull themselves along the rope, using innovative gesture- controlled movement mechanics, to navigate the underwater environment. Charisma’s conversational gameplay allows audiences to negotiate with their fellow divers and crew, steering the story through tough decisions, shifting narratives and delicate relationships. The TV episode was built in Unity and Charisma’s integration meant the story could react interchangeably to player movement, player speech and player decisions, as if they were one.


A new form of gesture-controlled gameplay for TV audiences was developed, and Charisma continue to partner with Sky to develop the format for future projects.

A rope and kelp in the ocean with the title The Rope
Under water with other diver.
Under water, wrecked ship.
Under water, kelp and a rope.