Dreamworks and NBCUniversal commissioned Charisma to create an interactive experience for the home entertainment release of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. DVDs included an in- pack QR code linking users to “Mama Luna’s Cat Rescue”. Following an adoption questionnaire about their desired cat attributes (cattributes?!), users were matched with their very own purrfect feline to talk to and play with. With its inbuilt emotions engine and its integration with state-of-the-art Resemble AI voices, Charisma’s AI-powered storytelling platform brought these personalized ‘DigiCats’ to life.


“Mama Luna’s Cat Rescue” interactive experience extended brand engagement with the franchise and created hyper-personalized one-to-one marketing content. Charisma continues to partner with NBCUniversal on future projects.

Cat from the game
Shows a cat adoption form from the game.
Hand holding a brochure of advertising the movie and the game.