Created in collaboration with Ulster University and Neon’s Deepa Mann-Kler, Talking Sense is an AR and PC conversation training tool designed to help parents of autistic children/children with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) practise appropriate interventions and develop useful coping strategies. The scenario prototyped was the child’s bedtime routine. Charisma’s AI-powered conversation platform allowed the project team to create an interactive simulation, with parents able to talk to the animated child in the experience to practise achieving a peaceful transition to bed.


Parents who tested the experience commented that Talking Sense accurately reflected real life, and was effective in encouraging a consistent approach with a child. They felt it could be a highly beneficial resource for parents facing very long waits for multi-disciplinary assessments and support for their child. An R&D project, Talking Sense demonstrates the potential of Charisma’s conversational AI to support health and wellbeing initiatives.

A woman standing behind a reception desk
Character on the floor, upset.
Character standing in the middle of the room front of the tv, instructions are written on the picture.
Character is sitting front of the tv, instruction are on the screen.