Through our partnership with WarnerMedia and XR Stories, we took a film studio-quality asset and made it the star of a real-time immersive experience. We brought the multi-million dollar CGI model of The Justice League’s Steppenwolf into Unreal Engine, linked it up to Charisma, and crafted a compelling interactive narrative in which the audience becomes a key part of Steppenwolf’s story.

In the resulting experience, you talk to Steppenwolf in natural language and he responds in real time, as he tests your courage and humanity to the limit. Will you be recruited for his mission? It’s up to what you say, and how you respond. Charisma’s natural language processing and memory functionality makes all of this possible in real-time.


Steppenwolf was showcased at SXSW 2022 as an example of a Metaverse-ready, immersive entertainment experience. A second character could easily be added to the existing scene to expand the story. With conversational interaction and branching narratives powered by the latest advances in natural language processing , Steppenwolf demonstrates how Charisma can help audiences feel a stronger connection with their favourite stories and characters.

The face of Steppenwolf
Disgusted Steppenwolf leans in and the screen shows the player can enter a response.
Steppenwolf from a distance, player response input is disabled.