Description is collaborating with world-leading higher education institution Oxford University to explore how interactive, message-based learning powered by can revolutionise English Language teaching.

Our long-standing partnership with the university has already produced a varied and innovative suite of educational prototypes for mobile and web, including a WhatsApp-style retelling of Romeo and Juliet which represents an exciting new way of teaching Shakespeare; an interactive introduction to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales combining text and video; and a digitised museum artefact brought to life through conversation and 3D modelling.

The success of these earlier prototypes resulted in a two-year grant to enable the joint project team from Oxford and to continue research and development in the area of AI-powered, message-based learning. Following extensive scoping and stakeholder consultation, we are now co-creating an English Language ed-tech prototype, which harnesses the latest in’s unique controllable AI to bring Humanities digital resource provision up-to-date with STEM subjects.

A screenshot of the WillPlay app
Chaucer Project Screenshot
Museum Shoe Project Screenshot