Animate a story instantly with’s new Plug ‘n’ Play software for free. To get you started, you can choose from a set of walking, talking, fully-animated avatars, and then give them speech and interactive behaviours in the graph. You can make them react with a smile, a frown and a variety of gestures, and then select from 1000+ AI voices. makes it super easy to create conversational experiences with controllable and responsible AI, across web, PC and VR platforms. Use the Plug ‘n’ Play to build training simulations, entertainment experiences, learning programmes and even virtual celebrities!

The Plug ‘n’ Play scene is completely editable, but it also works out-of-the-box, allowing you to create an interactive 3D story with conversational characters in seconds.

Key Features

  • Free sample 3D avatars

  • Free lip-sync integration

  • Integration into massive library of animations

  • Speak to your characters in real time with user interface provided

  • Access 1000+ AI voices instantly

  • All code included to add to your Unity or Unreal project

Showing three characters in Unreal engine
3 characters shown on the picture.
Showing two characters in the playthrough.