The Charisma app shown on a mobile phoneThe Charisma app shown on a mobile phoneThe Charisma app shown on a mobile phone

Interactive Graphic Novels

Charisma is a breakthrough new interactive comic app placing you inside a story, where you talk to the characters and influence the stories themselves as a result. The first four titles available in the app are adaptations of successful graphic novels: Sherlock and the Vampires of London, Akademy, Centaurus, and Shadows of the Strix.

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The Bulletproof VR experience, showing the serial killer looking at the screen with chat bubbles over the top.

Bulletproof Interactive

Bulletproof: The Interrogation is an interactive drama launched with Sky. You are thrown into an interview room with a dangerous killer, and must convince him to spare his next victims. Working with Bishop, Pike and Tanner you must find out what the killer wants, and help stop the murders. Act fast, and you’ll be able to save each of the victims, but who is really interrogating who...?

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AI-Spy was a two-week VR and 2D immersive installation in the Broadgate Centre in London. The experience throws users into an interview with AI ‘Spy Master’ Alastair, who tests players emotionally and psychologically for a role in a new counter-intelligence agency. Run as an experimental research and development project between and StoryFutures in partnership with ProduceUK, AI-Spy tested new boundaries in VR and AI.

Alice | A Virtual Themepark

Let your computer become a portal to Wonderland. Combining live performers, death-defying stunts, incredible AI cats and even a chance to race your own handmade hedgehog, we can promise that this show isn’t like anything you’re expecting, or any show you’ve seen before!

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