Virtual characters

Good characters must be believable. They must behave in ways which draw us into their stories, and make us want to engage with them. With the release of Epic Games' recent Metahumans technology, we created a bridge between Metahumans and Charisma so that the performances of these characters can be generated dynamically and in real-time from creative scripts in Charisma. This demo shows how a 3D model's movements can be triggered from within Charisma, and how the dialogue can generate facial movements simply, making developing with Metahumans more accessible, and characters more believable.

The Charisma app shown on a mobile phoneThe Charisma app shown on a mobile phoneThe Charisma app shown on a mobile phone

Interactive Comics

iOS and Android App

Charisma is a breakthrough new interactive comic app placing you inside a story, where you talk to the characters and influence the stories themselves as a result. The first four titles available in the app are adaptations of successful graphic novels: Sherlock and the Vampires of London, Akademy, Centaurus, and Shadows of the Strix.

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Website & VR

AI-Spy was a two-week VR and 2D immersive installation in the Broadgate Centre in London. The experience throws users into an interview with AI ‘Spy Master’ Alastair, who tests players emotionally and psychologically for a role in a new counter-intelligence agency. Run as an experimental research and development project between Charisma and StoryFutures in partnership with ProduceUK, AI-Spy tested new boundaries in VR and AI.

Will Play


Will Play is the product of a collaboration with Oxford University with a goal to make Shakespeare more accessible to KS3/KS4 school children. We worked with Oxford University English students to adapt scenes from Romeo and Juliet and from Macbeth, converting them into a ‘WhatsApp’ style conversation using the Charisma platform.

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Talking Sense

Health (game in Unity)

Talking Sense aims to help parents of autistic children/children with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) develop better coping strategies. The scenario we prototyped was the child’s bedtime routine, with parents able to talk to the animated child in the simulation to learn how to best achieve a peaceful transition to bed. This R&D project was developed in partnership with Ulster University and Deepa Mann-Kler from Neon.

Alice | A Virtual Themepark


Let your computer become a portal to Wonderland. Combining live performers, death-defying stunts, incredible AI cats and even a chance to race your own handmade hedgehog, we can promise that this show isn’t like anything you’re expecting, or any show you’ve seen before!

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