Charisma receives an Epic MegaGrant! 🎉

We’re delighted to share that Charisma has received an Epic MegaGrant!

The support from the MegaGrant will help us to build a showcase for Charisma using Epic Games’ MetaHumans technology, as well as make the Charisma SDK for Unreal Engine simpler to use, to further empower creators of games, metaverses and more!

Charisma is bringing together best-in-class technology across natural language processing, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, lip-sync and digital humans to power the most believable, immersive characters yet. These characters have the ability to genuinely speak to the players, and what the players say back in conversation changes how the story and their relationships develop.

In 2021, we launched the Charisma SDK for Unreal Engine alongside game stories: stories that have specific capabilities for 3D environments like actions, as well as triggering conversation in a non-linear way.

This MegaGrant will further this work, enabling us to create a high-quality, shareable demo to showcase some of Charisma’s flagship features: emotion, memories and story. We hope the resulting demo will inspire more authors, brands and companies to break into the thriving virtual beings space by using Charisma.

We’re honoured that Epic Games has given Charisma this opportunity, and we’re so excited to take another step forward in the quest for sentient virtual beings and NPCs that really talk!