Use your own custom ElevenLabs voices in stories!

Add your custom ElevenLabs voices to your story with our new Custom Voices feature! 

At Charisma, we know that finding the right voice is essential for creating immersive, believable characters. That’s why we partner with leading AI voice providers across the world to bring our Charisma Pro users over 1000 state-of-the-art character voices. 

Sometimes, though, the perfect voice for your character just doesn’t quite exist yet: you need to create it for yourself. 

This week, we’re thrilled to announce our new Custom Voices feature, which makes it possible to add your own custom ElevenLabs voices to your stories! Simply add your ElevenLabs API key to your Story Overview page, and all your bespoke ElevenLabs voices will appear on your voice selection screen, ready to bring your Charisma characters to life in a whole new way. Head over to the ElevenLabs website to find out more about their incredible AI voices, and how to create your own. 

Just add your ElevenLabs API credentials to your Story Overview screen to use custom ElevenLabs voices in your stories!

We’ve had lots of requests for this feature recently, so we’re very excited to be able to share it with users today. We would love to see – and hear! – clips of your creations. Share them with us on Discord, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok

For now, we’ll leave you with a clip of one of our Plug ‘n’ Play characters, voiced by our ElevenLabs version of our very own Guy Gadney!

One of our Plug 'n' Play characters using a custom ElevenLabs voice generated for our very own Guy Gadney!