Enhancing immersive theatre with Charisma

A man with short dark hair and a grey top, sitting on a black chair. He is viewed through a pane of distorted glass. Thick wires appear to be connected from the chair into the back of his head. His eyes are half closed.

Groundbreaking immersive performance meets our cutting-edge AI technology in Saint Jude, an upcoming production by award-winning entertainment company Swamp Motel. Set in an epic central London location, Saint Jude blurs the boundaries between theatre and technology, fantasy and reality.

This site-specific show begins the moment you walk through the door of a mysterious government building in Westminster. Nestled between The Ministry of Justice and The Department of Health & Social Care is an organisation called St. Jude’s. This company provides comfort, communication and conversation to people in lifelong, irreversible comas. St Jude’s has developed innovative software that transforms the brain patterns of sleeping coma patients into speech. Now, they are looking for willing participants to explore the thoughts of their sleepers, and converse with minds that were once believed lost. 

Audiences entering the mysterious world of Saint Jude will interact with characters powered by Charisma’s conversation platform as well as with live performers. Our innovative AI technology means that each player’s theatrical experience will be unique, and unlike anything they’ve encountered before. As our CEO Guy Gadney observed:

“Immersive theatre and Charisma’s artificial intelligence both share the same goal: to pioneer new forms of entertainment by casting audiences inside the stories themselves. This means that participants can speak to the characters, influence their emotions, and then even change the story itself.

Swamp Motel Founders and Creative Directors Clem Garritty and Ollie Jones added:

“We aim to create genre-bending, technologically advanced theatre, and love creating exhilarating, interactive experiences that blur the lines between fantasy and reality. To enhance the show we’ve collaborated with Charisma, who create stories with advanced Artificial Intelligence and we absolutely cannot wait to invite audiences into the mysterious world of SAINT JUDE”

Saint Jude will be running from Tuesday 24 January to Saturday 11 March 2023 at 100 Petty France, London, SW1H 9EW. Head over to the Saint Jude website to purchase tickets, on sale now.

What will you uncover on your first day working at St Jude’s…?