and UneeQ announce integration partnership

We're delighted to be announcing an integration partnership with fellow leaders and innovators in the sphere of digital humans, UneeQ. This partnership will see our natural language engine used to power incredibly in-depth conversations with UneeQ’s state-of-the-art characters.

This integration is a game changer for companies looking to build meaningful customer experiences without the traditional high build and operating costs. This is due to the combination of UneeQ’s high fidelity experiences with Charisma’s no-code interface, allowing companies to write and update conversations in real-time, reducing development times and budgets.

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how it all works, and an insight into the immersive, high-quality digital human experiences you could be creating with Charisma and UneeQ:

Side-by-side demo of UneeQ and Charisma

The key features enabled through this integration are:

  • Real-time synchronization between Charisma’s conversation engine and UneeQ’s digital humans/avatars
  • Support for multiple UneeQ characters on-screen simultaneously, so users can have a conversation within a group of digital humans
  • Full story capabilities using Charisma’s narrative engine to create sustained and contextual experiences in which stories remember what users have said and done
  • Multi-language support and out-of-the-box translation engine within Charisma
  • Web-based experiences with no plug-ins to reach broadest possible audiences

Guy Gadney said: “Digital humans need to evolve from chatbots. Consumers expect more lifelike experiences that they can relate to for their education, for entertainment, and for brand experiences. By bridging Charisma’s natural language engine with UneeQ’s ultra-realistic avatars, we are setting the new standard for digital humans.”

Vice President of UneeQ Platform Development (USA) Tyler Merritt said: “This partnership between and UneeQ represents a major step forward in the development of digital customer experiences. This technology will allow businesses to create more lifelike and engaging digital customer experiences that are more diverse and inclusive, which will help businesses to better connect with their customers and create more meaningful relationships.