The Future of Storytelling with Unreal and Unity!

Six 3D human avatars standing together against a green background. Their poses are casual and conversational.

Choose from our range of ready-made, fully-animated avatars and link up your Charisma characters!

Calling all narrative designers, script writers, storytellers and creatives! We’ve just made it easier than ever to build 3D character-driven stories, by connecting to Unity and Unreal Engine – whether they’re indie games or AAA epic narrative productions. 

Our new, free Plug ‘n’ Play module means you can connect your Charisma story to a ready-made scene in Unity or Unreal in just a few simple steps. Choose from our range of walking, talking, fully-animated avatars and hook them up to your unique Charisma characters. The Plug ‘n’ Play scene is completely editable, but it also works out-of-the-box – which means you can create an interactive 3D story with conversational characters in seconds!

Connect your Charisma story to Unreal Engine or Unity in just a few easy steps!

The key features are:

  • Free sample 3D avatars
  • Free lip-sync integration
  • Integration into massive library of animations
  • Access to 1000+ AI voices instantly
  • Speak to your characters in realtime with user interface provided
  • All code included to add to your Unity or Unreal project!

Ready to start creating? Here’s how, in 3 easy steps:

  1. Create a Charisma account and activate your free Pro Licence trial if you haven’t already
  2. Write your interactive masterpiece as a Charisma Pro story
  3. Check out our Plug ‘n’ Play docs to connect your story and characters to Unity or Unreal Engine

Intrigued? Check out this video and imagine the possibilities…

Introducing the Future of Storytelling with Charisma Plug 'n' Play!

We now have over 1000 premium AI voices for you to try, as well as controllable generative AI dialogue features that mean your characters can freestyle conversation – but only when you want them to. Charisma is your one-stop shop for creating immersive, interactive narratives and compelling characters. With Charisma Plug ‘n’ Play, these stories are now brought to life in 3D.

Try Charisma Plug ‘n’ Play free today and share your projects with us on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, so we can create The Future of Storytelling together!