Our values and vision

At Charisma, we believe that AI is a new toolkit for artists, writers and musicians. It can be used to inspire ideas, accelerate their development, and create new forms of entertainment.

To achieve our vision we read a lot, play a lot and watch a lot. We run Writers Rooms, co-author papers on the future of AI and storytelling, and partner with universities around the world to make sure our vision is well-founded and sustainable.

Our values are rooted in foundations of respect across creative and tech industries, in support for diverse voices and storytelling across the platform, and the belief that we are in the midst of a fantastic evolution of storytelling across all media.

Naturally, our team is a hybrid of creative and tech skills and passions, constantly evolving our own thoughts and processes at the forefront of immersive storytelling.

Our core team

In addition to our core team, we partner with our network of creative and technical production teams around the world to make sure the work we produce achieves the best possible results for our clients and audiences.

Join us — we’re hiring!

Annette Parry
Co-founder and COO

Annette has extensive project, business and operations experience. She has produced over 50 mobile, web and games projects and is responsible for the overall trim of the business from project management to user experience, commercial modelling and finance operations.

Ben Salili-James
Co-founder and CTO

Ben sets and manages the technical direction of the company and built Charisma. A graduate from Cambridge University’s Computer Science programme, Ben has also worked with Jagex, Ninja Theory and NaturalMotion games companies.

Guy Gadney
Co-founder and CEO

With a background across media and technology, Guy has over 20 years experience as a digital leader in both startups and international media companies. Guy has Emmy, BAFTA and Webby nominations for interactive storytelling work. He successfully led the sale of his previous start-up in 2015, prior to setting up Charisma.

Kari Noriy
Research Engineer

Kari is currently undertaking his Engineering Doctorate in Natural Language Understanding and Speech Synthesis. He has a background that crosses machine learning, computer graphics and animation, exploring the applications of machine learning in the VFX industry and how Charisma’s pipeline can be improved through novel use of AI.

Oscar Lindström
Games Production

Oscar works across both Unreal and Unity games engines, bringing Charisma to life in 3D, and pioneering new user experiences across PC, console and VR platforms. Oscar also brings game design experience, making sure all our projects are good to play.

Rianna Dearden
Writing Lead

With a background in theatre, Rianna joined the company overseeing all narrative activities, including writing, design and editorial. She also oversees the activities of our network of writers and represents the company publicly, presenting our work in interactive storytelling.

Amy Willstatter
EVP US Business Development

Based in New York City, Amy has a track record of working with emerging technology and in doing so has helped bring new, transformative capabilities to historically well-established industries. Emmy Award nominated with over 20 years of experience in media and entertainment, Amy has worked with Fortune 500 brands, networks and film studios.