Introducing Charisma Web Comics!

Today, we’re launching our brand new Web Comic platform and waving a fond farewell to our mobile app, to make it easier to share your Charisma stories with friends, family and followers in our browser-based player. See this in action by playing our example Web Comic story here

Enhance your Web Comic stories with Gen AI and premium character voices

Web Comic stories are simple to create using Charisma’s script flow tools, and there are also lots of exciting new features to discover!

  • 🙋 Create characters who can go off-script with our gen AI dialogue tools, and bring their performances to life with over 1000 premium AI voices.
  • 🗣️ You can also add your own custom ElevenLabs voice creations with our new, easy-to-use voice integration feature.

Create multimedia web experiences at the touch of a button

  • 🎨 You can add images and sound effects to Character nodes in your Web Comic stories to create multimedia interactive experiences.
  • 🌇 There are loads of free background images in the ‘Media’ tab for you to add to your comics.
  • 🕺🏼💃🏾 You can also make use of our newly re-named Avatar Builder to design your unique cast of characters:

Learn how to create avatars to use in your Web Comic stories using Charisma's Avatar Builder.

Play and share interactive stories using our new Web Comic player 

For the first time ever, your Charisma Comic stories are now fully browser-compatible. Use ‘Preview’ on the left sidebar to test your Comic before making it public.

When you’re ready to share your story with others, hit ‘Publish’ to create a unique, shareable ‘Play’ link. Once your Web Comic story is published, you’ll also see a shortcut to this ‘Play’ link on your story panel.

Publishing your Charisma Web Comic story and finding the 'Play' link on your Story panel.

Here's how to publish and play your Comic stories.

Start creating today!

If you had existing Starter stories for the mobile app, these have magically been converted into Web Comic stories, so you can start editing and playing them straight away.

If you’ve never written in Charisma before, now is the perfect time to start. Simply hit the ‘Try it free!’ button on the menu bar above to activate your free trial (no credit card required), and start creating Charisma Web Comics today!