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What is Charisma?

Charisma.ai enables safe, realistic and engaging voice conversations with virtual characters. Our vision is to bring characters to life that transform interactive experiences into life-like, dynamic and believable scenarios.

Our story engine features unique controllable AI, so you can guarantee that your characters will say what you want them to say, with GenAI improvisations from OpenAI and Anthropic, all within our simple story graph.

Watch this video to see how Charisma.ai powers an interactive conversation. On the left you’ll see the player experience, and on the right you’ll see the behind-the-scenes story graph responding in real time:

Charisma.ai can power every aspect of your digital story: from character conversations and voices to expressions and animations. To top it all, real time analytics allow you to improve your projects based on user statistics, transcripts and dynamic feedback.

Find out how Charisma.ai can supercharge your Learning & Development and Entertainment experiences today:

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