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Be Part of Charisma’s Immersive Worlds

Create interactive stories where your players steer the action through conversations with your characters. The Charisma story editor is an easy to use, no-code tool to create and publish stories into the Charisma app.

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What Our Writers Say

“One of the most exciting things about working with Charisma is that there’s always more functionality to discover: you can build a really engaging interactive story with just a basic understanding of character and player nodes, but as you become more confident working with subplots, memories and gates, more intricate and nuanced possibilities are opened up.”

Rachael Hodge

“Charisma is an intuitive tool for writers to build fully immersive narratives, redefining what it means for a story to be interactive.”

Alex Carter

“You don’t have to be a coder or fiendishly clever to write stories in Charisma, you can keep the pathways quite simple when you first start, and build up your expertise over time.”

Dr Constance Fleuriot

“Learning to write on Charisma is both easy and so much fun. Character and player nodes allow you to write as you might for a script, while the linking functions transform how you think about the relationship between linear, digressive and cyclical narratives. I feel I have only just scratched the surface of its potential!”

Felicity Brown

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Some tips for you!

Define the Player’s Role

Charisma puts players front and centre inside the story. Without the player, these stories do not exist. For players to thrive, clarity, transparency and simplicity around their role in the story is vital. Players can steer the experience and engage in compelling action only once fully equipped with a clear role and task.

Engage in Conversation

Charisma eliminates barriers between characters and players. No button-pressing, no controls, just natural flowing conversations. Our stories focus on never letting the suspension of disbelief drop and keeping the player in the world of the story, through the power of conversation.

Create Player Choices

In Charisma, players are truly free to react however they want. Compelling decisions with no multiple choice and, importantly, no judgement. The player can absolutely have an opinion but that may lead to narrative consequences.

Make an Impact

The most impactful stories are a balance of narrative control and satisfying interactions. We want our players to feel heard at every opportunity with a mix of responsive character dialogue, tangible feedback and rewarding encounters. Using 'Impacts' the author can help to illuminate untrodden narrative paths and boost replayability to encourage players to discover the rich worlds Charisma allows writers to create.